NAVADAL 2017: Meet the age 17 – 25 soloists

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NAVADAL 2017: Meet the age 17 – 25 soloists

Akademi is delighted to announce the age 17 – 25 soloists selected for NAVADAL 2017.

Performing in the Birmingham Hippodrome on Saturday 15 July, these eight age 17 – 25 soloists  soloists will compete across the different classical dance styles.

Find out about the age 11 – 16 soloist here. Book tickets to NAVADAL 2017 here

Shyam Dattani
Performing Udaan, choreographed by their teacher Urja Desai Thakore.

Shyam became exposed to Kathak at the age of two and began his dancing journey within the art form. Shyam aspires to challenge himself, performing pieces of established choreographers. Udaan, literally meaning ‘to fly’, shows the dancer’s intimate relationship with the time cycle, Dhamar

Jaina Modasia
Performing In Akbar’s Palace, choreographed by their teacher Sujata Banerjee.

Jaina has grown up with a strong passion for dance and her ambition is to be a professional dancer, working alongside other dancers and choreographers. This Tarana incorporates various aspects of Kathak such as fast footwork, spins and technical compositions.

Anakha Jacob
Performing Varnam, choreographed by their teacher Swati Raut.

Anakha has been dancing Bharatanatyam since the age of 5. She enjoys dancing because it allows her to express herself through the postures and gestures which all have a meaning. This Varanam, Sakhiye inda jalam, describes the plight of the lovelorn Nayika.

Swati Seshadri
Performing Synergy, choreographed Swati Seshadri, with support from Seeta Patel.

Swati has been training in Bharathanatyam since the age of 4. Acclaimed for her expressive and energetic style, Swati aims to increase awareness of and accessibility to the world of South Asian dance. In Synergy, Swati depicts Ardhanarishvara – an androgynous fusion of Shiva and Parvati – as an inseparable union, transcending gender boundaries.

Kanan Singh
Performing Sagaar, choreographed by their teacher Sonia Sabri.

Dancing has always been a huge part of Kanan’s life and so she has taken this gap year to devote her time to this art form and challenge herself in the process. Sagaar illustrates melody, percussion, syllables, emotion and space, showcasing the technical aspect of Kathak.

Meera Patel
Performing Tarana, choreographed by their teacher Urja Desai Thakore.

Meera has enjoyed training in Kathak since the age of 7, and continues to enjoy exploring the different avenues that Kathak brings for her body. This Tarana uses syllables such as dim, tana, tom and explores the Nritta (technical) aspect of kathak.

Sundaresan Ramesh
Performing Behag Thillana, choreographed by Sundaresan Ramesh. Sundaresan is taught by Pushkala Gopal and Shruti Sriram

Sundaresan has been dancing Bharatanatyam for 14 years. This piece was created which the intention to make the audience feel energetic and joyful. Sundaresan was mentored by Sooraj Subramaniam to compose this piece.

Divya Mukesh Sharma
Performing Ghir Ghir Aaye, choreographed by their teacher Sonia Sabri.

Divya has been training in Kathak since the age of 9 and is currently studying dentistry at university. Ghir Ghir Aaye describes the arrival of the monsoon season and depicts of the arrival of the thick black clouds which bring happiness to everyone.

Many thanks to everyone who applied to NAVADAL 2017, we were astounded by the quantity and quality of the applications. A special note of appreciation must also go to the teachers, whose sterling work is evident and vital to the future of this brilliantly proactive sector. 

NAVADAL is an opportunity to see the rising stars of South Asian dance, book your tickets here.

NAVADAL is run in partnership with One Dance UKISTD and Sampad Arts at U.Dance 2017.