NAVADAL 2017: Meet the age 11 – 16 soloists

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Akademi is thrilled to introduce the age 11 – 16 soloists selected for NAVADAL 2017.

After an inspiring and challenging selection process the following six age 11 – 16 soloists have been selected to perform at NAVADAL 2017 on Saturday 15 July at Birmingham Hippodrome.

Joanne Rose Thomas
Performing Kali Kauthvam, choreographed by Priya Sundar.

Joanne loves dancing be it any form, but Bharatanatyam has been her consistent interest. Kali Kauthuvam is about the Goddess Kali, symbol of dissolution and destruction.

Aabha Sharma
Performing Tarana, choreographed by their teacher Anuradha Chaturvedi.

Aabha is a young talented Kathak dancer who has been training with Drishti Dance for past 5 years. Tarana explores the structure of music and its inherit rhythm through dynamic rendering of the Nritta.

Rinu Jaison Mathew
Performing Ganesha Vandana (Ananda Nartana Ganapatim), choreographed by their teacher Lakshmi Srinivasan.

Rinu has been studying Bharatanatyam for 4 years and has performed in various community events and festivals. In her piece, Lord Ganesha is portrayed as a blissful dancing lord of intellect and wisdom.

Rithika Ravishankar
Performing Dhanasri Thillana, choreographed by their teacher Abhinandana Kodanda.

Rithika was introduced to the divine art of Kuchipudi at the age of seven. Thillana is a fast-paced, vibrant dance which highlights the Nritta (fast rhythmic footwork and hand gestures) and elements of Abhinaya (the expression of emotions).

Ranya Vardini Kumar
Performing Anname Aruginil Va, choreographed by their teacher Vijiyalakshmi Moorthie.

Ranya begun studying Bharatanatyam at the age of five, she loves to dance, and is very grateful for the opportunity to share that love with the audience. The chorus of the Anname Aruginil Va translates as: ‘Let him come, I’ll sort him out, my dear husband’, with a main rasa (essence) of Raudra (anger).

Mahika Gautam
Performing Dherena Tarana, choreographed by their teacher Sujata Banerjee.

Mahika has been training in Kathak since the age of 5 and feels that dance is large part of her life, allowing her to feel closer to her roots. This composition incorporates many typical aspects of Kathak such as footwork and chakras, whilst at the same time having a rhythmic play.

Many thanks to everyone who applied to NAVADAL 2017, we were astounded by the quantity and quality of the applications. A special note of appreciation must also go to the teachers, whose sterling work is evident and vital to the future of this brilliantly proactive sector.

NAVADAL is an opportunity to see the rising stars of South Asian dance, book your tickets here.

NAVADAL is run in partnership with One Dance UK, ISTD and Sampad Arts at U.Dance 2017.