Akademi was founded by Tara Rajkumar in 1979 as Academy of Indian Dance. Under the leadership of a succession of dynamic directors – Tara Rajkumar, Bharati Kansara, John Chapman, Pushkala Gopal, Naseem Khan and now Mira Kaushik – Akademi has flourished. We are now a leading producer of South Asian dance in the UK.

Explore our journey through this interactive timeline:

Our archive

Akademi has a wealth of archival material on the organisation’s work and the history of South Asian dance in the UK, including footage, images, journals and reports. If you would like to access these resources please contact the Akademi office on 0207 691 3210, or write to us on info@akademi.co.uk. Alternatively you can also visit the Victoria and Albert Museum where most of this information is stored in their archives, and is available on request.