Reach out and Reveal: Artists in residence

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Two South Asian Dance Artists have been contracted to work as artists in residence for the exciting new Reach Out and Reveal project.

Anusha Subramanyam (pictured above taking part in a previous Akademi Outreach project) is a very experienced and talented South Asian dancer, teacher and choreographer with rich and varied experience of working with children and young people with a range of special needs. Anusha is also a strong advocate of expanding the role of professional dancers outside of the mainstream performance settings.

Priyanka Chauhan joins us for her first project working with Akademi. Her previous experience includes dance teacher and choreographer, learning mentor, Ashiana network – group and advice worker and special needs playworker. We feel Priyanka brings something fresh and exciting to the Reach Out and Reveal project.

Here at Akademi we feel very lucky to have two such talented artists as part of this innovative and exciting new project. Both artists will be joining us on the 6th September for an initial training and planning day that will support us getting off to a positive start.

From September 13th, onwards both artists will be at Papillon House and Sherwood Hill Schools getting to know students, observing classes and being inducted in to the ways the school works. This will provide the artists with an excellent learning opportunity before they start to lead South Asian dance sessions at the schools.

Reach Out and Reveal

This initiative will place South Asian dancers ‘in residence’ at schools for young people with Special Educational Needs.

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