Akademi provides a year-round programme of opportunities for dance artists. From mentoring and advice to curated showcase opportunities, we are supporting the next generation of talented dancers and aim to help them build sustainable professional careers.

We currently have two performance-based development programmes NAVODIT and DAREDEVAS.


NAVODIT is Akademi’s entry-level artist development project which aims to nurture artists through programming and brokerage, providing mentoring and ongoing targeted career support.  As part of this, artists are guided through the process of rehearsing repertoire; readying them for professional performance and building sustainable careers in dance. NAVODIT’s primary aim is to help artists move beyond teacher-centred learning and think about their own approach to performance. 


DAREDEVAS is our artist development platform for mid-career classical Indian dance artists. DAREDEVAS supports established artists to engage with and refine their performativity. From 2017, DAREDEVAS will focus on working with live music. Each DAREDEVAS project is supported by and developed in collaboration with a team of technicians, mentors, lighting designers and a production coordinator.

Recent Performances

In March 2017, Akademi presented Sooraj Subramaniam‘s Margam, at Rich Mix. This evening piloted a new focus for our Artist Development scheme DAREDEVAS; supporting dance artists to collaborate with live musicians.