The Return of Spring

A dance-drama based on the 4th century work of the poet Kalidasa.

Akademi’s second production, produced under the name Academy of Indian Dance.

In 1986-87 the Academy of Indian Dance produced The Return of Spring, a dance-drama based on the 4th century work of the poet Kalidasa, a classical poet of the North Indian Gupta Empire (ca. AD 320-550). The Return of Spring is originally a completely Sanskrit work without music or lyrics,portraying medieval South Indian oral epics and devotional poetry. In order to make the production more accessible to the audience, Sita Narasimhan, who played a character in the dance drama, also acted as a narrator, the sootradhar, who gave summary explanations of the plot in English. In this production the styles of classical Indian dance and the folk dance of southern India merge,portraying a dramatic tale of love and war against the richness of Indian mythology.

Creative Team

Choreography: V.P. Dhanajayan
Artistic Director: Pushkala Gopal
Music: Vidwan T.V. Gopalakrishnan
Vocals: Rajkumar Bharati,adaptation
Narrative: Sita Narasimhan,
Designer: Craig Givens,
Design assistants: Issabella Hargrave Joanna Parker
Lighting design: Mark Walker
Stage manager: Gerald Wells

Performance Credits

Naim Khan, Alamial Palim, Chitraleka Bolar, Unnikrishnan, Venkatachalapati, Georgina Legorreta, Bavaani Nanthabalan, Pushkala Gopal and Piali Ray.

Supported by

Arts Council England

Media Credits

Images: Alan Dilly